Let’s talk about magazine subscriptions!

I have 4 of them.

I subscribe to Flare, Elle, Fashion and (soon) Lou Lou. I like to subscribe to Canadian magazines for a few reasons…

  • The prices are accurate. (i.e. that dress is $75, not $75 + exchange)
  • The stores are ones I can actually shop at (lol @ no passport!)
  • It’s almost guaranteed that they will ship it to my home. Living in the maritimes ain’t easy.

Elle is my absolute favourite. Not that I don’t like reading… but their articles are short, to the point and pertinent to my interests. The spare nothing on a photo shoot and their spreads are beautiful. So fierce.

There are obviously perks to having subscriptions.

  • I don’t need to go to the drug store to buy it.
  • My cost/magazine is around $1.50. When they tell you it’s like getting 8 issues free – they aren’t lying.
  • I learn about trends a few months in advance. I guess this isn’t a subscription perk, as much as a “reading a magazine” perk. The advance notice gives me a heads up.

What are your favourite magazines… and should I read them too?


xo, barb

A few updates….

ok, so update number 1.

I went to Ardene, Claire’s and RW&Co. to look for a leaf necklace – no such luck. I might try and order one from forever21. I’ve never used their website but I’m going to try it. i also just realized I didn’t check gojane.com. Stay tuned.

While I was wondering around the mall, I realized that Spring has their summer shoes on for up to 70% off retail! This is insane!

Here are two examples of shoes that will translate into the fall/winter:

$14.98 in Black and Bone (man made materials, hollah)

$14.98 in Black and Bone (man made materials, hollah)

$19.98 in Yellow, $29.98 in turquoise, purple and white (man made materials!)

$19.98 in Yellow, $29.98 in turquoise, purple and white (man made materials!)

Here are a few other sites that are great to buy shoes online from…

(Pros for me – most sell almost exclusively vegan footware)

And if you’re in the mood to drool…

The Heat is on…

Three people e-mailed me this morning to tell me that this blog is part of their morning routine – interestingly enough this blog is part of my “before bed” routine! Awesome.

I bought an inspiration book. I’m pretty excited to start filling it up with things i love. I think it might actually act as a journal of some kind.

Anyhow – here is my thought for tonight…

What type of fashion information are people looking for?

Here is a short list of things I want to cover (at some point) in my blog…

  1. Online sample sales
  2. Shopping veg/vegan friendly
  3. Shopping out of town – i.e. “must visit stores” when away from the Port City
  4. Magazine subscriptions
  5. The best coupon sites
  6. Cost/wear ratio
  7. Cleaning out your closet for the fall

What else do you want my opinion on? What do you want to see more of? less of?

E-Mail me: barb.c@unb.ca


I’m going to flip though the magazines I’ve bought this week…

Harpers Bazaar (August 2009)

Harper's Bazaar (August 2009)

Flare (September 2009)

Flare (September 2009)

Jean Sale at a store near to you!

Old Navy has their jeans on sale for $25 from August 14 to August 27th

Gap has their jeans on sale for $20 off the regular price from August 13 to August 27th.

Here are some links to their American sites and picks of jeans i want to go buy this weekend…

Old Navy

The Sweetheart Distressed Jean

The Sweetheart Distressed Jean

The Flirt Trouser Jean

The Flirt Trouser Jean


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Sexy Boot cut

Sexy Boot cut

… is it just me or is weird that they don’t have Canadian sites that actually work? Oh my word how I would love to sign in to oldnavy.ca and buy things without leaving my living room couch.

Ah, a girl can dream.

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