I go through phases every now and again where I wear the same things over and over (commonly referred to as my “uniform”).

I keep going back to my bright, bold necklaces with plain t-shirts and jeans. I’m so lucky to work in an environment where- as long as my shirt isn’t stained, I can wear it.

Here is what I have been loving lately.

1. Old Navy jeans… a staple yesterday, today and forever.
2. My grey Co-Lab bag. My mom bought me this as a Christmas gift and I LOVE it. It was the nicest surprise!
3. Coach sneakers. I got these babies on MEGA sale at the Urban Shoe Myth. They are so cute and completely work appropriate.
4. Spike the Punch. These necklaces are unbelievably popular. I like to joke that I bought mine when you could pick from a hundred different colour combinations. I’m looking for some sort of “glue” that will reattach one of my gems though. Any suggestions?
5. Grey and black stripes. Seriously. My entire wardrobe consists of tees like this.
6. What in the world would I do without my iPhone? I’ve been obsessed with apps like Instagram, Twitter, Draw Something and Angry Birds (an old favourite). What apps do you love?
7. I LUCKED OUT at Rhoda’s last week. I bought a pair of TOMS like this and I LOVE them!
8. Have you heard of DANNIJO? This bib necklace is my current OBSESSION.
9. My black hoodie is fading from wearing it too much.
10. These Paul Loebach for AREAWARE candlesticks are running my life. I can’t stop thinking about them! Courtney Silas won a set at Christmas time during my #30in30 promotion… and I purchased a set for my BFF Ryan, too. You can get your own set (or a set for ME?) from Judith Mackin at TUCK Studio.
11. Last week I had a makeup artist comment on my eyelashes. I take no credit for their length and volume… it all goes to Lancome and their amazing oscillating brush mascara.
12. My Chanel lip gloss has been getting some comments too. Clear gloss is such an easy way to spruce up your look for a night out. Plus it looks amazing coming out of your bag. Chanel packaging cannot be beat.

What are you loving lately?