24 days into my self imposed “Bucket List Challenge” and I’m feeling good, albeit a little tired.

Bucket List Item #1 – “Do Yoga 3x per week for 1 Month”

I’m 1.5 weeks into my Yoga challenge and it’s going great. I’ve been to 4 different classes; Yin, Hatha, Heated and Non-heated Vinyasa.

My first class back to Yoga in a long time was the non-heated Vinyasa… and it was HARD. I think that my mind was a little over-zealous and I was trying to get back to where I knew I was before. Big mistake. About halfway through the class I felt like (I can only assume) runners feel after exerting themselves too hard for too long. I backed off a bit and the class became much more enjoyable.

Listening to your body is an art and I’m getting a little better.

The heated vinyasa class I attended last Thursday was so great. I hope that you’ll join me this Tuesday or Thursday evening!

For the Yoga Haus schedule, click here.

Bucket List Item #3, 4 & 5 – “Volunteer: _________”

2 down!

As I discussed in “#30in90 Update 2“, my name is in the hat to volunteer with Girl Guides this fall. I’m ecstatic.

{ Sappyfest merch…. selling out at the speed of light }

I spent last weekend in Sackville volunteering at the Sappyfest merchandise table. What a BLAST! I love helping with anything OVER planned. Every detail was thought of from the selling sheets being already prepared, to the t-shirts and tank tops being pre-taped and labelled. What a TREAT.

My last volunteer space is TBA. I’ve sent out a few feelers, we’ll see where that takes me.

Bucket List Item #6 – “Read 3 Books”

I have started and finished zero books.

Bucket List Item #13 – “Do a Police Ride-Along”

I’ve sent the appopriate e-mails and have gotten a great response.

“Years ago you just signed a waiver and away you went. Over the years the process has changed for liability reasons, it is very strict now, I am not sure exactly what the rules are, but I will find out and let you know.”

That’s not a “no”, right?

Bucket List Item #15 – “Visit the Ice-Cream Factory in Hampton”

This was actually quite disappointing.

“Thank you for contacting us. Sorry, we do not have a Manufacturing faciltiy in Hamption; just cold storage!”

BUT! After telling Twitter about the disappointing news, I received this e-mail:

“I was following your blog and reading about the 30 in 90 bucketlist. Twitter and I don’t work so well, so I’m not sure if you got my message I tried to send. You were asking about the popsicle factory – my dad just retired after 40 years there and he said they can’t do tours anymore but they might let you come in and make popsicles, depending on what you want to do…”


I’ll keep you posted.

Bucket List Item #18 – “Pick Berries and Make a Pie”

I hope my girlfriends are ready a little early. CBC informed me this week that blueberry season is 2 weeks early this year… which means I need to get my knee pads out and get PICKING! MarthaSewart.com says I need 8 cups of blueberries. Oh boy.

Bucket List Item #19 – “Take Deck Cat to the Vet and Neuter Him”

This has been a really tough decision for me to make, but I’m taking this off my #30in90 list and replacing it with something else.

Adam and I take our awesome cats to the Fundy Animal Hospital, just off Rothesay Avenue. They are amazing people and have treated our family extremely well over the course of the last 6 or 7 years. Because “Baron” is a stray… it’s possible that he might have some, ahem, diseases. If this is found to be the case on the OR table… then he may need to be put down. I’m not willing to cut his life short because of some little dream I have. “Baron” isn’t my cat.

Instead of neutering him, I’ll donate and equivalent amount of money to spay or neuter a cat to Ca-R-Ma.

Bucket List Item #20 – “Watch all of the James Bond movies”

I’m 2 films in to the 22 film series. I’ve watched “From Russia with Love” and “Dr. No” so far.

Be prepared for a text meesage along the lines of “come over and watch ________ with me”.

Friends, it’s coming.

Bucket List Item #23 – “Throw a Hilarious Blogger Party”

As an active blog follower… I can’t help but be a little jealous every time I see a party post. I would die to be invited to a party complete with paper straws, bunting, paper invitations and a candy buffet.

I’m making my dream a reality. I picked up these paper straws on the cheap Friday in Moncton.

My party “to do” list is one item shorter.

If you’re into drooling over “well thrown” parties, check out Camille Styles, You are my Fave and A Beautiful Mess

Bucket List Item #26/27 – “Send 50 handwritten notes to people I talk to all the time/never talk to”

Step 1 of 4: I’ve sent the annoying Facebook message asking for addresses. 35/50 are back!

Step 2 of 4: I’m meeting with Gillian Goldie today for a “business lunch” to see the ideas she’s come up with for my card design. (I am beyond excited!)

Step 3 of 4: Purchase some stamps. I wonder if it’s too late to do this: Custom Stamps.

Step 4 of 4: Lock myself in a room and start writing!

Bucket List Item #28 – “Train for 5K with Judith”

We’re off!

Every morning last week (Well, starting on Tuesday and with the exception of Friday due to work commitments) I’ve been meeting Judith, Macey and Scout at Rockwood park for a 45 minute walk & talk. Over the next few weeks we’ll be “upping the ante” to a walk/jog and the eventual “run”.

Getting up early is turning out to be a good thing!

Thanks for following along!

As always, if you’re up for joining me on any of my #30in90 items, comment on this post! It might give me the kick I need to get going!