The day I found out Perfumes Plus carried Chanel was the day I started my friendship with Laura.

I would say we’re pretty tight, as I tend to drop in upwards of twice a week.

Keeping with the theme of creatives living and working in Saint John – Here’s Case No. 10. Laura Smith in her Natural Habitat.

Hi Laura! Tell me about yourself and what you do.

Hi! I love spending time with my husband & our two little Yorkies where we live on the Kingston Peninsula. The 1960s is a decade I draw a lot of creative inspiration from – the music, the fashion, the Dick Van Dyke Show, The Beatles & Breakfast At Tiffany’s – what’s not to love?! As for what I do, I’m a Makeup Artist at Perfumes Plus & Laser Clinic in Uptown Saint John. I started managing the CHANEL counter over 5 years ago and now I’m the store manager. It’s such a blessing to be doing a job that I love.

What is the main function of your business?

Perfumes Plus is all about making people feel their best. We are a full service Aesthetic Salon that offers everything from eyebrow waxing to ear piercing to laser hair removal. Whether it’s the satisfaction of perfectly polished nails, taking care of pesky unwanted hair, or finding the perfect shade of red lipstick, we want everyone to leave with a smile on their face and a little bounce in their step.

Who is your typical client?

As a Makeup Artist I work with a lot of women who are looking to take care of their skin & those who love makeup. I often work with brides on their special day as well as models for different events and photo shoots going on in the city. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a ‘typical’ client because each women is different with her own concerns and needs. That’s what I love – the variety – every client is a new canvas.

What is the coolest thing to have happened to you in the past year?

Ooh, that’s a toss-up between between my husband and I buying a giant, red tractor and me taking an ear piercing course. Our tractor is pretty darn cool; it has a snowblower & everything but, I love learning new skills so I was really excited when the ear piercing opportunity came up. I love being able to do things that make people happy.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Just like I don’t really have typical clients I don’t necessarily have typical days but the framework is more or less the same I suppose.

  •  I get up and take care of the dogs then get ready for work
  • My husband and I drive in together, dogs and all.
  • Once I get in town I grab coffee and a bagel and head down to the store.
  • At the store I get some book work done and touch up my makeup with the current colours.
  • Once the doors open my co-workers and I are there for our clients. We have booked appointments and walk-ins as well as those who happen to pop in. Hence the no typical work day.
  • After work my husband & I head home, dogs in tow, for supper at home.

How can people stay in touch?

People can reach me on Twitter:

or by phone at Perfumes Plus (506) 633-0074

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Thanks, Laura!