I am – beyond – excited for Jeneca’s opening Friday night.

Her latest jewelry collection is available starting this Friday at Handworks Gallery.

I weaseled my way into a studio visit on Monday to check out her latest pieces. I may have put a few in my purse and ran toward the door.

Here’s a sneak peek and a few notes from her on her latest collection:

Hi Jeneca! Tell me about your new collection “newfangled”.

Honestly, “newfangled” is not the name of anything, it’s just a word that popped out when Megan at Handworks said we need a title, now ish. It’s the title of my show but not the name of the collection, that is still being figured out.

What was your inspiration behind the new collection? 

The inspiration behind the new work is knots, physical space and then Valentines day.

Has anything changed from your older work to your new collection? 

Yes, There is a definite difference between this work and my other work, this series contains hardly any “sticks” and gold makes a small appearance.


I’m sure I’ll see you there.