I met Allie back in 2012 when I invited her on a whim to take part in #SaintJohnCut3. I loved her photographs from the shoot and since then have been in awe of her fast and awesome success.

In just a few short years (while finishing up her studies) she has shot at New York Fashion Week, been published on the Italian Vogue website and has shot for the blog And I Was Like.

Next week Allie is holding a photo workshop where she’ll have everything laid out for you – the venue, the model, the backdrop and the assistance. You show up with your camera and she’ll guide you through the process of a fashion shoot. The next night you’ll gather at UNBSJ and she’ll critique your portfolio and your shots from the night before.

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I asked Allie about an instance when she was able to have one on one time with a photographer and how that benefited her and her photography career….

A few months ago I had an 1h long phone call with Fashion Photographer, Chris Nicholls. He is a photographer based in Toronto and works a lot with FLARE Magazine. He has photographed Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry & Lorde and so many more. He really gave me a lot of confidence in my shooting. He told me his story of how his career evolved over the years and the steps he had to take to get where he is today. He was really encouraging and told me that I was already ahead of where he was at 20 years old, so that really gave me perspective to where I stand and gave me a lot of valuable advice moving forward. 


I was also able to chat with Allie about what kind of advice she’ll be giving when looking through your existing portfolios, whether you’re a model or a photographer…

When reviewing a model’s portfolio I look for how many shoots they have under their belt, if they are experienced, if they have diversity, if there are photos without makeup so I can see if they have potential to what I’d like to turn them into, if they can hold some looks better than others, etc. 
The advice I would give to models is to show as much range as possible, I like working with a model that is really confident in all the situations I face her with, and also be creative with posing, it excites photographers like me reviewing a models book when she has unique posing. 
While when reviewing a photographer’s portfolio I am looking at lighting, concept, location, retouching, post processing, the image as a whole, not so much the models features.
For photographers, I would say stick with one theme, if it’s fashion keep it fashion, if it’s weddings, keep it weddings. It’s tough reviewing a portfolio that has fine art, to new born, to event photography, to sports, etc. You want to show your strongest field. 

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For more info on the workshops click here.

As of June 27th there are only 2 spots left – so don’t delay!