Every time I find out about a good sale (3-4 times daily, whoops) I’m going to post it on the internet.

Here are two sales you can enjoy this weekend:

Je Suis Prest Boutique is having a HUGE summer sale. Like, 25-75% off all of their summer fashions. This includes (but is not limited to) dresses, skirts, tanks, jackets, cardigans… the list goes on. Je Suis Prest is my new favourite store. It brought me out of the darkness (digging in the ON sale department) and into the light (of Brunswick Square with their beautiful sky light).  Check it out. If you’ve been there before – bring in your re-usable tote to get an extra 10% off.

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Je Suis Prest Twitter

Sale #2

R W & Co. is having their annual summer sale as well. They have a rack close to the door full of tops for $9.95 in my size. I had to get Adam to help me pick out 2 of them – since the 5 I had picked out was a bit much. They also have their skirts and dresses on sale – but for a bit more (but still much less than retail!).

Pros about R W & Co. : They carry my size in tops. And have a lot of them.

Cons about R W & Co.: … but not in pants, skirts or dresses. Unfortunately my XL top half can not fit into a size 14 pants. Sad times, but the truth.