Hey friends. After looking at this mess for the past month, I decided to do something about it while Adam is out of town.

Taking cues from Emily Schuman (Cupcakes and Cashmere) I decided to simplify.

{ What do you think? }

{ Guitar by Two Autumns Ago (Jordan&Amy Stewart). Adam playing guitar by Erin Kelly. Me+Ryan (Self portrait). }

{ Necklace (left) by S’NOB. Necklace (right) by Darling Dilemma. }

{ I purchased this white platter from the dining room sale section of Winners for $5. }

{ Earrings hanging on the mini jewel tree by ESquared. Gold earrings in the small bowl by Kelly Framel. }

{ The small bowls are from a local potter. They’re perfect for rings, bobby pins and earring studs. }

{ black pearl ring by Sarah Gautreau, gold bolt ring by Marc by Marc Jacobs, silver rings by Jeneca Klausen }

{ These black boxes were purchased for $5 each from Winners. The bottoms have a beautiful white pearl look to them. }

{ Nail polish all by Chanel. Purple tulip candles from Urban Almanac in Fredericton (gifted by my friend Lisa) }

The next thing on my “to tackle” list is a method to store my necklaces. Do you have any ideas?