I am becoming obsessed with listening to my favourite albums on vinyl. It’s now my favourite way to listen to music. It’s so intentional. It’s on purpose.

Adam and I are currently working on our collection, buying records that we have loved and that we know we’ll love. (For example, I have my favourite Snailhouse record on vinyl and I also have St. Vincent’s newest record on vinyl!)

Second Spin is located at Westmorland Place, right across the street from the movie theatres. They carry action figures, CDs & vinyl (new & used), record players, t-shirts, posters… and more!

Mike was awesome in helping me find great gift ideas around the shop. Thanks, Mike!

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I love these figurines from classic horror films. The Halloween figure of Michael Myers is especially creepy.

Second Spin has a huge collection of used CDs. I’ve found a few hard to find titles there for a great price. He’s pretty picky when buying albums so you don’t need to sift through too much you’re not interested in.


I’m not sure I can convince anyone that purchasing this doll is a good idea. haha – I actually haven’t seen this movie, but the doll was too creepy not to photograph.


Here are a few new albums available:










Don’t have a record player and want one now that you’ve seen those sweet albums above? Second Spin has a good selection of turn tables..


This Friday at Second Spin – they’re holding their annual Black Friday sale… RSVP and find out more details here.


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When Mike and I were deciding what the Second Spin giveaway would be… I stopped and asked him: “Well, what is the record you think every person should have in their collection?”

He didn’t even flinch. He walked over to a stack of records and pulled out Television’s album Marquee Moon. Not even a second thought.


So we landed on this for a giveaway:

A copy of Marquee Moon to make sure your record collection wouldn’t be judged too much if Mike was over to visit.
A $30 gift certificate to put toward used vinyl to plump up your collection.
Enter below! Thanks Mike!

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See you tomorrow!